Tapping Wind Energy

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Pioneers of Rotary Variable Vacuum drive (+VVD Roto) wind energy tech

We (KGYAT) have developed +VVD Roto technology to tap wind energy for the renewable power generation. We undertake engineering design, development, and deliver of customized ‘+VVD tech systems for use and commercialise.

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What is a ‘+VVD tech’ ?

+VVD Roto is about a new methodology in harnessing the renewable source of power of wind energy. The is based on our globally patented invention in the field of Energy conversion called the ‘RVCR Mechanism’. It’s a novel concept which uses wind motors rather than turbines for producing power generators, energy capture and conversion.

The Innovation

Wind turbines efficiency, cost and its cost of power (levelized cost of energy) are stagnating. Any further refinement in performance and cost reduction is getting unviable. +VVD tech is a solution to address this pain utilising and entirely new principles of physics.

The technology comparison

Today in the renewable sector the wind power generation (be it the commonly used 3 blade turbines or the rarely used vertical/ horizontal rotors) depend on the basic rotary mechanism.

+VVD tech for the 1st time deploys ‘Wind motors’ using the positive displacement mechanism. It results in a quantum leap in Energy capture capability.     

RVCR wind power motors
are better, efficient machines compared to conventional wind turbines.

Industry & Global impact

Value & implications

Lack of superior alternative to the conventional turbine technologies is holding the growth in market share of wind power in the renewable energy sector. The pace of shift to Zero carbon ecosystem depends heavily on renewable.

R & D

New Generation of Wind Power Generators.

The RVCR Wind Motor device was 1st conceived mid-way during the RVCR Preliminary Engine Prototype Development project is an off shoot of the base RVCR Technology.

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Conquer $ 600 Billion Global Market

City Based Wind Power Embedded Generators, Outdoor high capacity Wind Power Generators, Portable Wind Power Generators, Off-Shore Wind Power Generators

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