Project Plan

Every individual application project plan is made, and the generic high level (non-confidential) information is made available under a subdomain of KGYAT.

The various heads are discussed below

The title -

RVCR technology customization for specific Industrial application.


The charter of project or a sub-project under an appropriate title, covers the summary of its purpose/need, the objectives, constraints, benefits, risks, and budget etc. The idea here is to provide information to stakeholders and industry players to evaluate and build business cases.  

The inhouse project status are updated periodically as we progress with our self-financed inhouse projects. The format : –

1. The Technical Part –

The technical attributes of the product are summed up under this head. Herein the various technical aspect of the project is covered under the following heads.  

Practical feasibility and Economic Viability

Our deep insight into machinations of RVCR and convention is key to foreseeing the product’s feasibility and viability. 

Unique Selling Points and approach advantage

The unique mechanism attribute of the RVCR enables never before functionalities and features which create newer markets and erases parting lines of in existing markets.  

Current status of project and Expected Outcomes

The head is self explanatory.

2. The commercial part

Herein the various business aspects of the proposition are covered under the following heads.


Why now.


Marketing strategy and plan.


Strategic Product development & market entry partners, customers and price point Analysis, Pricing Model.


Finance, budgeting, and investment model, business scalability,


IPR, commercial exclusivity, competitive advantage management.


SWOT & Key Performance Indicators


Broader industry, social and economic impact.

3. Project operations

The project for the RVCR system development and its integration into product is covered here. We map the entire project operations and processes by referencing it with previous projects and plan. The subheads under this heads are- 


Project risk management, resource provisioning, accounting, and budgeting, strategy, compliances etc.


The activity planning, scheduling, team resource and financial management.


Operations verticals and Work-flow, Network diagram and plans, objectives, project execution approach, deliverables, milestones, and operational risks.

Business Structure

This is kept open for possible JV needs with probable clients.  Mostly an independent SPV converging the various interest and concerns is preferred.